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tools/dev/ - Weave together PBC disassembly with PIR source


 perl tools/dev/ foo.pbc

DESCRIPTION ^ uses Parrot's pbc_disassemble program to disassemble the opcodes in a PBC (Parrot ByteCode) file, then weaves the disassembly together with the original PIR source file(s). This makes it easier to see how the PIR syntactic sugar is desugared into raw Parrot opcodes.


This program has only been tested for a few simple cases. Also, the name might suggest a different use than its actual purpose.

While it is not a bug in per se, there is a line numbering bug for some PBC opcode sequences that will result in the disassembled opcodes appearing just before the source lines they represent, rather than just after. There does not appear to be consensus yet about where this bug actually resides.

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