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Martin 'Kingpin' Thurn > WWW-Search-Backends-1.073


This Release WWW-Search-Backends-1.073  [Download] [Browse 31 Jan 2008
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License The Perl 5 License (Artistic 1 & GPL 1)
Special Files


WWW::Search::Backends     1.073
WWW::Search::CraigsList backend for searching     1.004
WWW::Search::Crawler class for searching Crawler     1.005
WWW::Search::Excite::News class for searching ExciteNews     2.006
WWW::Search::ExciteForWebServers class for searching ExciteforWeb engine     1.005
WWW::Search::Fireball class for searching Fireball     2.012
WWW::Search::FolioViews class for searching Folio Views     1.004
WWW::Search::Gopher class for searching Gopher pages     2.042
WWW::Search::HotFiles class for searching ZDnet HotFiles     2.012
WWW::Search::Livelink class for searching Open Text Livelink Intranet search engine     1.004
WWW::Search::MSIndexServer class for searching MSIndexServer search engine     1.005
WWW::Search::MetaCrawler class for searching!     2.072
WWW::Search::Metapedia class for searching online Encyclopedias     2.042
WWW::Search::NetFind class for searching NetFind Originally based on NetFind is the same as AOL search.     1.802
WWW::Search::Newturfers backend for searching forums     1.005
WWW::Search::PLweb class for searching PLS PLweb search engine     1.004
WWW::Search::Profusion class for searching!     2.022
WWW::Search::SFgate class for searching SFgate/Wais search engine     1.004
WWW::Search::Search97 class for searching Verity Search97 search engine     1.004
WWW::Search::Timezone backend for searching forums     1.005
WWW::Search::Verity class for searching Verity     1.004
WWW::Search::VoilaFr class for searching     1.004
WWW::Search::WatchNet backend for searching forums     1.005