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 use RPC::ToWorker::Callback;

 @return_values = master_call('Some::Packages To::Preload', 'remote_function_name', 'remote local data keys', @data);


Make a remote call to a function on the master node from a slave process started with RPC::ToWorker.

This module is used in the worker, not the master.

The slaves are running sychronously, but the master is asychronous so this is a blocking call on the slave. Use this sparingly since the slave will have to wait.

The calling parameters are:

  1. String or List. A reference to a list or a a space-separated list of modules to load on the master.
  2. String. The name of the function to invoke on the master.
  3. String or List. A reference to a list or a A reference to a list or a A space-separated list of keys from the optional local_data parameter to the original do_remote_job call that invoked the work process. The keys and values corresponding to these keys till be appended to the list of arguments to the function.
  4. remainder

    anything. Arguments to the function to invoke.


Copyright (C) 2007-2008 SearchMe, Inc. Copyright (C) 2011 Google, Inc. This package may be used and redistributed under the terms of either the Artistic 2.0 or LGPL 2.1 license.

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