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Maximilian Gaß > Net-OpenXchange-0.001


This Release Net-OpenXchange-0.001  [Download] [Browse 22 Feb 2011
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License The Perl 5 License (Artistic 1 & GPL 1)
Special Files


Net::OpenXchange Object-oriented interface to OpenXchange groupware     0.001
Net::OpenXchange::Attribute Attribute trait for OpenXchange objects     0.001
Net::OpenXchange::Connection Connection to OpenXchange server     0.001
Net::OpenXchange::Data::Appointment OpenXchange detailed appointment data     0.001
Net::OpenXchange::Data::Common OpenXchange common object data     0.001
Net::OpenXchange::Data::CommonFolder OpenXchange common folder data     0.001
Net::OpenXchange::Data::Contact OpenXchange detailed contact data     0.001
Net::OpenXchange::Data::Folder OpenXchange detailed folder data     0.001
Net::OpenXchange::Data::TaskAppointment OpenXchange detailed task and appointment data     0.001
Net::OpenXchange::Data::User OpenXchange detailed user data     0.001
Net::OpenXchange::Module Role for OpenXchange modules     0.001
Net::OpenXchange::Module::Calendar OpenXchange calendar module     0.001
Net::OpenXchange::Module::Contact OpenXchange contact module     0.001
Net::OpenXchange::Module::Folder OpenXchange folder module     0.001
Net::OpenXchange::Module::User OpenXchange user module     0.001
Net::OpenXchange::Object Role for OpenXchange objects     0.001
Net::OpenXchange::Object::Appointment OpenXchange appointment object     0.001
Net::OpenXchange::Object::Contact OpenXchange contact object     0.001
Net::OpenXchange::Object::Folder OpenXchange folder object     0.001
Net::OpenXchange::Object::User OpenXchange user object     0.001
Net::OpenXchange::Types Moose type library for Net::OpenXchange     0.001
Net::OpenXchange::X::HTTP Exception class for HTTP errors     0.001
Net::OpenXchange::X::NotFound Exception class for missing objects     0.001
Net::OpenXchange::X::OX Exception class for OpenXchange errors     0.001
Net::OpenXchange::X::Thaw Exception class for Object thawing errors     0.001