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Source   Latest Release: Class-AutoDB-1.291


Class::AutoDB::Registration - One registration for Class::AutoDB::Registry


This is a helper class for Class::AutoDB::Registry which represents one entry in a registry.

 use Class::AutoDB::Registration;
 my $registration=new Class::AutoDB::Registration
    -keys=>qq(name string, dob integer, significant_other object, 
              friends list(object)),
 # Set the object's attributes
 my $collection=$registration->collection;
 my $keys=$registration->keys;
 my $transients=>$registration->transients;
 my $auto_gets=>$registration->auto_gets;


This class represents essentially raw registration information submitted via the 'register' method of Class::AutoDB::Registry. This class parses the 'keys' parameter, but does not verify that attribute names and data types are valid. This class does not talk to the database.

The 'keys' parameter consists of attribute, data type pairs, or can also be an ARRAY ref of attribute names. In the latter case the data type of each attribute is assumed to be 'string'.

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