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Michael Conrad > X11-Xlib


This Release X11-Xlib-0.18  [Download] [Browse 05 Jun 2018
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Special Files


X11::Xlib Low-level access to the X11 library     0.18
X11::Xlib::Colormap XID wrapper for Colormap      
X11::Xlib::Display Object-Oriented behavior for X11::Xlib      
X11::Xlib::Keymap Object Oriented access to the X11 keymap      
X11::Xlib::Opaque Base class for X11 opaque structures      
X11::Xlib::Pixmap XID wrapper for Pixmap      
X11::Xlib::Screen Convenience wrapper around Display+ScreenID      
X11::Xlib::Struct Base class for X11 packed structures      
X11::Xlib::Visual Wrapper for Visual* pointers      
X11::Xlib::Window XID wrapper for Window      
X11::Xlib::XEvent Polymorphic class for XEvent structures      
X11::Xlib::XID Base class for objects wrapping an XID      
X11::Xlib::XRectangle Struct defining 16-bit x,y,width,height      
X11::Xlib::XRenderPictFormat Struct defining color format for XRender      
X11::Xlib::XSetWindowAttributes Struct defining window attributes      
X11::Xlib::XSizeHints Struct providing window size hints to the Window Manager      
X11::Xlib::XVisualInfo Struct to list details of a Visual*      
X11::Xlib::XWindowAttributes Struct defining window attributes      
X11::Xlib::XWindowChanges Struct defining window placement      
X11::Xlib::XserverRegion XID wrapper for XserverRegion