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podtohtml - convert POD documentation to HTML


 podtohtml [-bhqvIS] [-i index] [-d outdirectory] [-s sfx] <pods or directories of pods...>


podtohtml converts POD documentation to HTML. It is based on the generic Pod::Parser. It works by making two passes over the selected pods, the fisrt pass uses Pod::Links to pre-scan for L<> links and =head1 NAME sections, and then a second to build a tree of HTML::Elements for each POD and calling the as_HTML method on the resulting tree.

The Generated HTML uses relative links.


The following command line options affect the behaviour:


Create broken links

-d outdirectory

The directory into which the HTML is written.


Run as quietly as possible


Verbose - print messages about files being processed.

-s suffix

Set the suffix for generated files. Default is '.html' for HTML files and '.ps' for PostScript files.

-i index

Build an index file in index.


Search perl's @INC for pods. Heuristics implemented in Pod::Find attempt to restrict search to files related to the version of perl executing the script.


Search directory that is specified in Config as install location of scripts for pods.


Generate PostScript rather than HTML. This is done using HTML::FormatPS and font sizes etc. are not yet specifiable.


Print Data::Dumper dump of generated tree rather than generating HTML (for debugging).


Build HTML for all installed modules and associated scripts :

   podtohtml -I -S -d "/home/WWW/perl" -i "/home/WWW/perl/index.html"

That takes rather a long time (22 minutes on my 60MHz SPARCStation10).

Build HTML for unistalled Tk extension:

   podtohtml -d "/home/WWW/Tk8" -i /home/WWW/TkIndex.html ~/Tk8/pod 



Pod::Parser Pod::Links Pod::HTML_Elements HTML::Element HTML::FormatPS


Nick Ing-Simmons <>

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