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AxKit::App::Gallery::namespaces - XML namespaces used by AxKit::App::Gallery


The RDF files generated by AxKit::App::Gallery use elements from a number of different XML namespaces. They are described in this document.


The Resource Description Framework is used to provide structure to the meta information, but says nothing about the actual information.


The Friend Of A Friend vocabulary is used for meta data about people and things depicted in images in your galleries. AxKit::App::Gallery writes the following FOAF elements.


Used as the wrapper element for references to the thumbnails that AxKit::App::Gallery generates.

The default stylesheets support the following elements.


Used to link pictures about a person or object to additional pages of information about that person or object.

Dublin Core,

From its web page:

    The Dublin Core metadata element set is a standard for cross-domain 
    information resource description. Here an information resource is 
    defined to be "anything that has identity". This is the definition 
    used in Internet RFC 2396, "Uniform Resource Identifiers (URI): 
    Generic Syntax", by Tim Berners-Lee et al. There are no fundamental 
    restrictions to the types of resources to which Dublin Core metadata 
    can be assigned.

AxKit::App::Gallery writes the following DC elements:


A thumbnail's filename

The default stylesheets support the following elements.


Will be displayed as the name of the person responsible for taking the photograph.


Will be treated as a comma separated list of keywords relating to the photograph.


Will be displayed as a caption for the photograph (in preference to displaying the photograph's filename).


At the time of writing there is no widely agreed upon standard for representing digital image EXIF data in XML. Gerald Oskoboiny has a suggested EXIF namespace, and AxKit::App::Gallery uses this namespace rather then invent a different one.


This is a catch-all namespace for any information that needed to be represented in the RDF for which a suitable representation in some other namespace could not be found. I plan to remove all references to this namespace as I become more familiar with available XML vocabularies that can be used for AxKit::App::Gallery.

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