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Distribution Released
Activiti-Rest-Client-0.124 Low level client for the Activiti Rest API [Download] [Browse] 05 Dec 2014
Catmandu-Activiti-0.11 Catmandu module for Activiti [Download] [Browse] 12 Jun 2014
Catmandu-AlephX-1.065 Low level api for Aleph X Services [Download] [Browse] 14 May 2014
Catmandu-DBI-0.0134 Catmandu tools to communicate with DBI based interfaces [Download] [Browse] 26 Jan 2015
Catmandu-Fix-Date-0.0122 Catmandu fixes for processing dates [Download] [Browse] 13 Nov 2014
Catmandu-Fix-XML-0.2 Catmandu fix modules for processing xml (deprecated) [Download] [Browse] 20 Jun 2014
Catmandu-Importer-ApacheLog-0.011 Catmandu importer for importing log entries [Download] [Browse] 09 Jan 2015
Catmandu-Importer-MODS-0.1 Catmandu importer for mods records in xml or json [Download] [Browse] 06 Aug 2013
Catmandu-Markdown-0.011 Catmandu tools for working with markdown data [Download] [Browse] 06 Oct 2014
Catmandu-MediaMosa-0.279 Package that imports MediaMosa asset information into your application [Download] [Browse] 09 Apr 2013
Catmandu-MODS-0.2 Catmandu modules for working with MODS records [Download] [Browse] 01 Oct 2014
Catmandu-Solr-0.0208 Catmandu modules for working with solr endpoints [Download] [Browse] 26 Jan 2015
Catmandu-Validator-JSONSchema-0.1 Catmandu Validator for JSON Schema [Download] [Browse] 02 Jul 2014
Dancer-Plugin-Auth-RBAC-Credentials-Catmandu-0.01 Catmandu store backend for Dancer::Plugin::RBAC::Credentials [Download] [Browse] 21 Oct 2014
Dancer-Plugin-Catmandu-OAI-0.0303 OAI-PMH provider backed by a searchable Catmandu::Store [Download] [Browse] 03 Apr 2014
unigreek-0.2 convert from unigreek notation and back [Download] [Browse] 15 Oct 2013