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Distribution Released
App-Asciio-1.51.3 App::Asciio - ASCII diagramming [Download] [Browse] 30 Jun 2015
App-Chained-0.02.6 Front end to sub applications in a Svn/Git fashion [Download] [Browse] 29 Apr 2010
App-Editor-GVip-0.01_01.1 gnome interface to Text::Editor::Vip [Download] [Browse] 12 Feb 2009
App-Plog-0.01.12 A rudimentary blog [Download] [Browse] 08 May 2010
App-Requirement-Arch-0.02.16 App::Requirement::Arch - Easy requirements creation and handling [Download] [Browse] 28 Apr 2010
App-Term-Jump-0.04.32 App::Term::Jump - utility to navigate your filesystem with heuristic [Download] [Browse] 04 May 2015
App-Textcast-0.06.15 Light weight text casting [Download] [Browse] 03 Mar 2010
Bundle-TreeDumper-0.18 Installs all Data::TreeDumper modules. [Download] [Browse] 22 Oct 2005
Carp-Diagnostics-0.05.3 Carp with a diagnostic message [Download] [Browse] 19 Dec 2008
Config-Hierarchical-0.13.9 Hierarchical configuration container [Download] [Browse] 17 Dec 2008
CPAN-Mini-Indexed-0.03_01.2 Index the content of your CPAN mini repository [Download] [Browse] 26 Feb 2009
CPAN-Mini-ProjectDocs-0.03.9 mini CPAN documentation browser [Download] [Browse] 15 Feb 2009
Data-HexDump-Range-0.13.72 Hexadecimal Range Dumper with color, bitfields and skip ranges [Download] [Browse] 06 Oct 2016
Data-TreeDumper-0.40 Improved replacement for Data::Dumper. Powerful filtering capability. [Download] [Browse] 19 May 2011
Data-TreeDumper-OO-0.07 Object oriented interface to Data::TreeDumper [Download] [Browse] 05 Jul 2005
Data-TreeDumper-Renderer-ASCII-0.03 Proof of concept renderer for Data::TreeDumper [Download] [Browse] 30 Nov 2004
Data-TreeDumper-Renderer-DHTML-0.09 DHTML renderer for Data::TreeDumper [Download] [Browse] 19 Dec 2008
Data-TreeDumper-Renderer-GTK-0.02 Gtk2::TreeView renderer for Data::TreeDumper [Download] [Browse] 29 Aug 2008
Data-TreeDumper-Utils-0.04.4 A selection of utilities to use with Data::TreeDumper [Download] [Browse] 30 Jun 2015
Debug-Mixin-0.4.4 Make your applications and modules easier to debug [Download] [Browse] 14 Jan 2009
Devel-Depend-Cl-0.06 Extract dependency trees from c files [Download] [Browse] 19 Feb 2013
Devel-Depend-Cpp-0.10 Extract dependency trees from c files [Download] [Browse] 06 Jan 2013
Directory-Scratch-Structured-0.04 creates temporary files and directories from a structured description [Download] [Browse] 17 Dec 2008
Eval-Context-0.09.11 Evalute perl code in context wraper [Download] [Browse] 24 Feb 2010
File-Find-Repository-0.03.3 Find files in your repositories. [Download] [Browse] 14 Jan 2009
File-Path-Collapse-0.03.7 Collapses a path as much as possible [Download] [Browse] 14 Jan 2009
Filter-Uncomment-0.03.3 Efficiently uncomment sections of your code [Download] [Browse] 14 Jan 2009
Inline-Flex-0.01_01.2 Inline module to use flex generated lexers [Download] [Browse] 13 Feb 2009
List-Tuples-0.04.4 Makes tuples from lists [Download] [Browse] 14 Jan 2009
Module-Text-Template-Build-0.05.10 Create a module based on a template to use with Module::Build [Download] [Browse] 20 May 2011
PerlBuildSystem-0.44 Make replacement with rules written in perl. [Download] [Browse] 12 May 2008
POD-Tested-0.06.4 Test the code in your POD and generates POD. [Download] [Browse] 15 Jan 2009
Scalar-Cycle-Manual-0.03.6 Cycle through a list of values (with optional automatic incrementation) [Download] [Browse] 14 Jan 2009
Search-Indexer-Incremental-MD5-0.06.22 Incrementally index your files [Download] [Browse] 01 Mar 2009
Spreadsheet-ConvertAA-0.06 Perl extension for Converting Spreadsheet column name to/from decimal [Download] [Browse] 19 Sep 2010
Spreadsheet-Perl-0.12 Pure Perl implementation of a spreadsheet engine [Download] [Browse] 16 May 2011
Term-Bash-Completion-Generator-0.02.8 Generate bash completion scripts [Download] [Browse] 14 Jan 2009
Test-Cookbook-0.05.2 Write your tests as cookbooks [Download] [Browse] 14 Jan 2009
Test-HexDump-Range-0.01_1 fdsgsfd [Download] [Browse] 29 Apr 2010
Test-Skip-0.01_2 Framework to skip tests under certain conditions [Download] [Browse] 01 Apr 2010
Text-Colorizer-0.03 Generate colored HTML, ANSI, ASCII text from a text and color description [Download] [Browse] 06 Oct 2016
Text-Editor-Vip-0.08.1 Perl Editor [Download] [Browse] 17 Dec 2009