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نديم ابن ﺤﻣﻮﺪﺓ الخمير - Nadim Khemir > Spreadsheet-Perl-0.12


This Release Spreadsheet-Perl-0.12  [Download] [Browse 16 May 2011
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Special Files


Spreadsheet::Perl Pure Perl implementation of a spreadsheet engine     0.12
Spreadsheet::Perl::Arithmetic Arithmetic functions for Spreadsheet::Perl     0.02


Spreadsheet::Perl::ASCIITable ASCIITable output for Spreadsheet::Perl  
Spreadsheet::Perl::Address Cell adress manipulation functions  
Spreadsheet::Perl::Cache Cell caching support for Spreadsheet::Perl  
Spreadsheet::Perl::Devel Development support for Spreadsheet::Perl  
Spreadsheet::Perl::Format Format support for Spreadsheet::Perl  
Spreadsheet::Perl::Formula Formula support for Spreadsheet::Perl  
Spreadsheet::Perl::Function Function support for Spreadsheet::Perl  
Spreadsheet::Perl::Html HTML output for Spreadsheet::Perl  
Spreadsheet::Perl::InsertDelete Columns and rows insertion and deletion  
Spreadsheet::Perl::Label Labeling columns and rows for Spreadsheet::Perl  
Spreadsheet::Perl::Lock Lock support for Spreadsheet::Perl  
Spreadsheet::Perl::PerlFormula Perl Formula support for Spreadsheet::Perl  
Spreadsheet::Perl::QuerySet Functions at the spreadsheet level  
Spreadsheet::Perl::RangeValues Helper functions to fill cell ranges  
Spreadsheet::Perl::ReadWrite File read/write support for Spreadsheet::Perl  
Spreadsheet::Perl::Reference Reference access for Spreadsheet::Perl  
Spreadsheet::Perl::UserData Let the user store private data in a cell  
Spreadsheet::Perl::Validator Cell Validators  

Other Files