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نديم ابن ﺤﻣﻮﺪﺓ الخمير - Nadim Khemir > Text-Editor-Vip


This Release Text-Editor-Vip-0.08.1  [Download] [Browse 17 Dec 2009
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License The Perl 5 License (Artistic 1 & GPL 1)
Special Files


Text::Editor::Vip Perl Editor     0.08
Text::Editor::Vip::Actions loads actions from files     0.01
Text::Editor::Vip::Buffer Editing engine     0.01
Text::Editor::Vip::Buffer::Constants Editing engine constants     0.01
Text::Editor::Vip::Buffer::DoUndoRedo non optional plugin for a Text::Editor::Vip::Buffer     0.011
Text::Editor::Vip::Buffer::Indenter Default indentiation plugin and documentation for indentation plugins.     0.01
Text::Editor::Vip::Buffer::List lines container     0.01
Text::Editor::Vip::Buffer::Plugins::Case Plugin to make selection upper or lower case.     0.01
Text::Editor::Vip::Buffer::Plugins::Clipboard Internal clipboard handling     0.01
Text::Editor::Vip::Buffer::Plugins::Display Text position to display position utilities     0.01
Text::Editor::Vip::Buffer::Plugins::File File handling plugin for Vip::Buffer     0.01
Text::Editor::Vip::Buffer::Plugins::FindReplace Find and replace functionality plugin for Vip::Buffer     0.01
Text::Editor::Vip::Buffer::Plugins::GetWord Vip::Buffer pluggin     0.01
Text::Editor::Vip::Buffer::Plugins::InsertConstruct Vip::Buffer plugin     0.01
Text::Editor::Vip::Buffer::Plugins::InsertDelete Vip::Buffer plugin     0.01
Text::Editor::Vip::Buffer::Plugins::Movements Add movement commands to Vip::Buffer     0.01
Text::Editor::Vip::Buffer::Plugins::PageUpDown Add movement commands to Vip::Buffer     0.01
Text::Editor::Vip::Buffer::Plugins::Selection Add extra selection commands to Vip::Buffer     0.01
Text::Editor::Vip::Buffer::Plugins::Tags Tagging functionality plugin for Vip::Buffer     0.01
Text::Editor::Vip::Buffer::Selection Selection handling for buffer     0.01
Text::Editor::Vip::Buffer::Test Support functions for testing     0.01
Text::Editor::Vip::Color::Color Manipulates color files     0.01
Text::Editor::Vip::CommandBlock Allows grouping of do and undo commands     0.01
Text::Editor::Vip::Selection Selection Range     0.011
Text::Editor::Vip::View Buffer visualisation     0.011
Text::Editor::Vip::View::Plugins::IncrementalFind Incremental find functionality plugin for Vip::View     0.01
Text::Editor::Vip::View::Plugins::Macro Macro functionality plugin for Vip::View     0.01
Text::Editor::Vip::View::Plugins::WordCompletion WordCompletion functionality plugin for Vip::View     0.01