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This Release Net-DNS-0.83  [Download] [Browse 26 Feb 2015
Latest Dev. Release Net-DNS-1.00_08  [Download] [Browse 02 Jul 2015
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License The Perl 5 License (Artistic 1 & GPL 1)
Special Files


Net::DNS Perl Interface to the Domain Name System     0.83
Net::DNS::Domain DNS domains     1276
Net::DNS::DomainName DNS name representation     1272
Net::DNS::Header DNS packet header     1241
Net::DNS::Mailbox DNS mailbox representation     1155
Net::DNS::Nameserver DNS server class     1276
Net::DNS::Packet DNS protocol packet     1282
Net::DNS::Parameters DNS parameter assignments     1325
Net::DNS::Question DNS question record     1286
Net::DNS::RR DNS resource record base class     1319
Net::DNS::RR::A DNS A resource record     1272
Net::DNS::RR::AAAA DNS AAAA resource record     1272
Net::DNS::RR::AFSDB DNS AFSDB resource record     1326
Net::DNS::RR::APL DNS APL resource record     1326
Net::DNS::RR::CAA DNS CAA resource record     1326
Net::DNS::RR::CERT DNS CERT resource record     1188
Net::DNS::RR::CNAME DNS CNAME resource record     1326
Net::DNS::RR::CSYNC DNS CSYNC resource record     1328
Net::DNS::RR::DHCID DNS DHCID resource record     1188
Net::DNS::RR::DNAME DNS DNAME resource record     1326
Net::DNS::RR::EUI48 DNS EUI48 resource record     1188
Net::DNS::RR::EUI64 DNS EUI64 resource record     1188
Net::DNS::RR::GPOS DNS GPOS resource record     1326
Net::DNS::RR::HINFO DNS HINFO resource record     1326
Net::DNS::RR::HIP DNS HIP resource record     1188
Net::DNS::RR::IPSECKEY DNS IPSECKEY resource record     1188
Net::DNS::RR::ISDN DNS ISDN resource record     1188
Net::DNS::RR::KX DNS KX resource record     1326
Net::DNS::RR::L32 DNS L32 resource record     1188
Net::DNS::RR::L64 DNS L64 resource record     1188
Net::DNS::RR::LOC DNS LOC resource record     1326
Net::DNS::RR::LP DNS LP resource record     1326
Net::DNS::RR::MB DNS MB resource record     1326
Net::DNS::RR::MG DNS MG resource record     1326
Net::DNS::RR::MINFO DNS MINFO resource record     1326
Net::DNS::RR::MR DNS MR resource record     1326
Net::DNS::RR::MX DNS MX resource record     1317
Net::DNS::RR::NAPTR DNS NAPTR resource record     1326
Net::DNS::RR::NID DNS NID resource record     1188
Net::DNS::RR::NS DNS NS resource record     1326
Net::DNS::RR::NULL DNS NULL resource record     1188
Net::DNS::RR::OPENPGPKEY DNS OPENPGPKEY resource record     1253
Net::DNS::RR::OPT DNS OPT resource record     1276
Net::DNS::RR::PTR DNS PTR resource record     1326
Net::DNS::RR::PX DNS PX resource record     1326
Net::DNS::RR::RP DNS RP resource record     1326
Net::DNS::RR::RT DNS RT resource record     1326
Net::DNS::RR::SOA DNS SOA resource record     1321
Net::DNS::RR::SPF DNS SPF resource record     1188
Net::DNS::RR::SRV DNS SRV resource record     1326
Net::DNS::RR::SSHFP DNS SSHFP resource record     1326
Net::DNS::RR::TKEY DNS TKEY resource record     1326
Net::DNS::RR::TLSA DNS TLSA resource record     1188
Net::DNS::RR::TSIG DNS TSIG resource record     1328
Net::DNS::RR::TXT DNS TXT resource record     1235
Net::DNS::RR::X25 DNS X25 resource record     1188
Net::DNS::Resolver DNS resolver class     1276
Net::DNS::Resolver::Base DNS resolver base class     1288
Net::DNS::Resolver::MSWin32 MS Windows resolver class     1282
Net::DNS::Resolver::Recurse DNS recursive resolver     1282
Net::DNS::Resolver::UNIX UNIX resolver class     1282
Net::DNS::Resolver::android Android resolver class     1282
Net::DNS::Resolver::cygwin Cygwin resolver class     1282
Net::DNS::Resolver::os2 OS2 resolver class     1282
Net::DNS::Text DNS text representation     1276
Net::DNS::Update DNS dynamic update packet     1288
Net::DNS::ZoneFile DNS zone file     1325


Net::DNS::FAQ Frequently Asked Net::DNS Questions  
axfr Perform a DNS zone transfer  
check_soa Check a domain's nameservers  
check_zone Check a DNS zone for errors  
mresolv Perform multiple DNS lookups in parallel  
mx Print a domain's MX records  
perldig Perl script to perform DNS queries  

Other Files