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Module Version: 0.15   Source   Latest Release: ShardedKV-0.20


ShardedKV::Error::WriteFail - Thrown when set() fails on a storage backend


version 0.15


ShardedKV::Error::WriteFail is an exception thrown when there is a problem writing to the particular storage backend. The exception will contain which key failed, and potentially which operation during the set() failed.

=public_attribute key

  (is: ro, isa: Str, required)

key holds what particular key was used for the set() call.

=public_attribute operation

  (is: ro, isa: enum(set, expire))

operation may contain what operation the set was doing when the failure occurred. In the case of the Redis storage backend, the expiration operation is separate from the actual set operation. In those two cases, this attribute will be set with the appropriate operation. Other backends may or may not supply this value.

=public_method has_operation

has_operation() is the predicate check for the "operation" attribute. It checks if operation is defined (ie. the backend set a value).



This software is copyright (c) 2013 by Steffen Mueller.

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