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This Release KiokuDB-Cmd-0.03  [Download] [Browse 05 Jun 2010
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KiokuDB::Cmd KiokuDB command line tools     0.03
KiokuDB::Cmd::Base Base class for writing KiokuDB command line tools.      
KiokuDB::Cmd::Command::Dump Dump database entries for backup or munging purposes      
KiokuDB::Cmd::Command::Edit Edit entries using an editor      
KiokuDB::Cmd::Command::FSCK Check for broken references      
KiokuDB::Cmd::Command::GC Collect unreachable entries      
KiokuDB::Cmd::Command::Load Load database dumps      
KiokuDB::Cmd::DumpFormatter A role for command line tools that have a KiokuDB::Serializer object specified using a --format option.      
KiokuDB::Cmd::InputHandle A role for command line tools with a --file option to be used for read acces.      
KiokuDB::Cmd::OutputHandle A role for command line tools with a --file option that will be used for write access.      
KiokuDB::Cmd::SpecifiedEntries A role for command line tools which accept entry IDs as options      
KiokuDB::Cmd::TXN A role for command line tools that should run inside a transaction      
KiokuDB::Cmd::Verbosity A role for command line tools that have a --verbose option.      
KiokuDB::Cmd::WithDSN Role for commands with a --dsn argument.      
KiokuDB::Cmd::WithDSN::Create Write or create access to a DSN for command line tools      
KiokuDB::Cmd::WithDSN::Read Readonly access to a DSN      
KiokuDB::Cmd::WithDSN::Write Read/write access to a DSN