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יובל קוג'מן (Yuval Kogman) > Verby-0.05


This Release Verby-0.05  [Download] [Browse 30 Mar 2008
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Special Files


Verby A framework for compositing and sequencing steps of execution.     0.05
Verby::Action The base role for an action in Verby.     0.05
Verby::Action::BuildTool Action to run 'perl Makefile.PL' or something similar in a specific directory.      
Verby::Action::Make Action to run make(1).     0.05
Verby::Action::MkPath Action to create a directory path     0.05
Verby::Action::Run a base role for actions which wrap POE::Wheel::Run.      
Verby::Action::Run::Unconditional A default verify method for Verby::Action::Run based actions.      
Verby::Action::Stub An action which just logs debug messages.     0.05
Verby::Config::Data     0.05
Verby::Config::Data::Mutable     0.05
Verby::Config::Source     0.05
Verby::Config::Source::ARGV Verby::Config::Data fields from the command line     0.05
Verby::Config::Source::Prompt     0.05
Verby::Context A sort of scratchpad every Verby::Step gets from Verby::Dispatcher.     0.05
Verby::Dispatcher Takes steps and executes them. Sort of like what make(1) is to a Makefile.     0.05
Verby::Step A base class representing a single thing to be executed by Verby::Dispatcher.     0.05
Verby::Step::Closure Quick and dirty (in the fun sense, like playing with mud) step generator.     0.05