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Distribution Released
Apache-Emulator-0.06   [Download] [Browse] 18 Jul 2005
Class-Decorator-0.99 Attach additional responsibilites to an object. A generic wrapper. [Download] [Browse] 16 Sep 2002
Db-Mediasurface-0.03 manipulates a Mediasurface database. [Download] [Browse] 03 Aug 2001
Db-Mediasurface-Cache-0.04 caches a specified number of key-value pairs, disgarding underused pairs. [Download] [Browse] 02 Aug 2001
Db-Mediasurface-ReadConfig-0.01 reads, parses, and stores configuration from a Mediasurface file. [Download] [Browse] 02 Aug 2001
DesignPattern-Factory-0.01 Perl implementation of the Factory Method. [Download] [Browse] 13 Nov 2001
File-Touch-0.08 update access and modification timestamps, creating nonexistent files where necessary. [Download] [Browse] 25 Jul 2009
Geo-Approx-0.8 represents an approximate global position by a single number [Download] [Browse] 05 Sep 2003
IP-Country-2.28 fast lookup of country codes from IP addresses [Download] [Browse] 15 May 2013
IP-Country-Data-0.01   [Download] [Browse] 26 Apr 2006
IP-Country-DNSBL-1.02 IP geolocation via DNS [Download] [Browse] 19 Dec 2006
Statistics-GammaDistribution-0.02 represents a gamma distribution [Download] [Browse] 24 Apr 2006
WWW-AdServer-0.02 a mod_perl banner ad server [Download] [Browse] 26 Aug 2003
WWW-Module-1.00 use modules from CPAN without installing [Download] [Browse] 26 Nov 2006
XML-LibXML-Fixup-0.03 apply regexes to XML to fix validation and parsing errors [Download] [Browse] 25 Sep 2002