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Distribution Released
DBIx-MySQL-Replication-Slave-0.02 Stop, start and monitor your slaves. [Download] [Browse] 20 Apr 2010
Plack-Middleware-NoDeflate-0.01 Prevent content from being deflated [Download] [Browse] 06 Oct 2010
Business-PayPal-API-0.70 PayPal API [Download] [Browse] 13 Nov 2012
Net-FreshBooks-API-0.24 Easy OO access to the FreshBooks.com API [Download] [Browse] 02 May 2014
URI-ParseSearchString-More-0.17 Extract search strings from more referrers. [Download] [Browse] 15 Aug 2014
Business-CA-GST-1.03 Look up Canadian Federal Sales Tax rates [Download] [Browse] 15 Aug 2014
Code-TidyAll-Plugin-SortLines-Naturally-0.000002 Sort lines of a file using Sort::Naturally [Download] [Browse] 15 Aug 2014
Code-TidyAll-Plugin-UniqueLines-0.000002 Remove duplicate lines from a file [Download] [Browse] 15 Aug 2014
Dist-Zilla-Plugin-PrePAN-0.02 Automatically set PrePAN author and module URLs [Download] [Browse] 15 Aug 2014
Acme-Odometer-0.0.4 Create graphical web counters [Download] [Browse] 16 Aug 2014
DateTime-Format-PayPal-IPN-0.000001 Parse PayPal IPN timestamps [Download] [Browse] 11 Sep 2014
HTML-Restrict-2.2.2 Strip unwanted HTML tags and attributes [Download] [Browse] 16 Oct 2014
HTTP-CookieMonster-0.09 Easy read/write access to your jar of HTTP::Cookies [Download] [Browse] 24 Nov 2014
Plack-Test-Agent-1.4 OO interface for testing low-level Plack/PSGI apps [Download] [Browse] 06 Jan 2015
WWW-RoboCop-0.000002 Police your URLs! [Download] [Browse] 08 Jan 2015
POEx-Role-PSGIServer-1.150280 (DEPRECATED) Encapsulated PSGI server behaviors for POE [Download] [Browse] 27 Jan 2015
Archive-Any-0.0942 Single interface to deal with file archives. [Download] [Browse] 28 Jan 2015
GitHub-MergeVelocity-0.000007 Determine how quickly your pull request might get merged [Download] [Browse] 09 Feb 2015
WWW-Mechanize-Cached-1.47 Cache response to be polite [Download] [Browse] 03 Mar 2015
WWW-YouTube-Download-0.57 Very simple YouTube video download interface [Download] [Browse] 14 Mar 2015
LWP-ConsoleLogger-0.000014 LWP tracing and debugging [Download] [Browse] 18 Mar 2015
OrePAN2-0.38 Yet another DarkPAN manager. [Download] [Browse] 18 Mar 2015
Module-Version-Loaded-0.000003 Get a versioned list of currently loaded modules [Download] [Browse] 27 Mar 2015
HTTP-BrowserDetect-2.00 Determine Web browser, version, and platform from an HTTP user agent string [Download] [Browse] 30 Mar 2015