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Source   Latest Release: CSS-Sass-3.4.11


psass - perl sass (scss) compiler


psass [options] [ path_in | - ] [ path_out | - ]

   -v, --version                 print version
   -h, --help                    print this help
   -w, --watch                   start watchdog mode
   -p, --precision=int           precision for float output
       --indent=string           set indent string used for output
       --linefeed=type           linefeed used for output [auto|unix|win|none]
   -o, --output-file=file        output file to write result to
   -t, --output-style=style      output style [expanded|nested|compressed|compact]
   -P, --plugin-path=path        plugin load path (repeatable)
   -I, --include-path=path       sass include path (repeatable)
   -c, --source-comments         enable source debug comments
   -l, --line-comments           synonym for --source-comments
       --line-numbers            synonym for --source-comments
   -e, --source-map-embed        embed source-map in mapping url
   -s, --source-map-contents     include original contents
   -m, --source-map-file=file    create and write source-map to file
       --source-map-file-urls    create file urls for source paths
       --source-map-root=.       specific root for relative paths
       --no-source-map-url       omit sourceMappingUrl from output
       --benchmark               print benchmark for compilation time

   Plugins may be pre-installed by CSS::Sass or from 3rd parties.
   There are some options available for each known plugin.

       --all-plugins             enables all known plugins
       --list-plugin             print list of all known plugins
       --[name]-plugin           enables the plugin with [name]
       --no-[name]-plugin        disabled the plugin with [name]



Print a brief help message with options and exits.


This program is a sass (scss) compiler

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