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Distribution Released
WebService-SendGrid-Newsletter-0.02 Perl interface to SendGrid Newsletter API [Download] [Browse] 27 Oct 2015
Test-Mock-HTTP-Tiny-0.002 Record and replay HTTP requests/responses with HTTP::Tiny [Download] [Browse] 27 Sep 2015
File-ShareDir-Override-0.200 Override directories returned by File::ShareDir [Download] [Browse] 30 Nov 2014
App-Commando-0.012 Flexible library to build command-line apps [Download] [Browse] 07 Aug 2014
WebService-Amazon-Route53-0.101 Perl interface to Amazon Route 53 API [Download] [Browse] 29 Jun 2014
Dist-Zilla-PluginBundle-ODYNIEC-0.021 Dist::Zilla configuration the way ODYNIEC does it [Download] [Browse] 16 Jun 2014
HTTP-Tiny-SPDY-0.020 A subclass of HTTP::Tiny with SPDY support [Download] [Browse] 03 May 2014
Dancer-Plugin-Preprocess-Less-0.021 Generate CSS files from .less files [Download] [Browse] 27 Apr 2014
Dancer-Plugin-Preprocess-Markdown-0.021 Generate HTML content from Markdown files [Download] [Browse] 26 Apr 2014
Dancer-Plugin-Preprocess-Sass-0.031 Generate CSS files from Sass/SCSS files [Download] [Browse] 20 Apr 2014
Dancer-Plugin-Auth-Basic-0.030 Basic HTTP authentication for Dancer web apps [Download] [Browse] 14 Apr 2014
Dancer-Plugin-Auth-Htpasswd-0.020 Basic HTTP authentication with htpasswd files in Dancer apps [Download] [Browse] 12 Apr 2014
Arriba-0.020 PSGI web server with SPDY support [Download] [Browse] 17 Nov 2013
File-PlainPath-0.030 Construct portable filesystem paths in a simple way [Download] [Browse] 06 Nov 2013
Dancer-Plugin-DirectoryView-0.02 Browse directory contents in Dancer web apps [Download] [Browse] 30 Oct 2011
Dancer-Plugin-DebugToolbar-0.016 A debugging toolbar for Dancer web applications [Download] [Browse] 14 Sep 2011
WebService-Gravatar-0.11 Perl interface to Gravatar API [Download] [Browse] 16 Aug 2010
WebService-EditDNS-0.11 Perl interface to EditDNS API [Download] [Browse] 28 Jul 2010