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Oleg G
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Distribution Released
WebService-Antigate-0.07 Recognition of captches using service (former [Download] [Browse] 18 Jan 2015
proxyhunter-0.03 free proxy searcher and checker [Download] [Browse] 10 Mar 2016
Parse-JCONF-0.05 Parse JCONF (JSON optimized for configs) [Download] [Browse] 25 Jul 2015
Net-Proxy-Type-0.09 Get proxy type [Download] [Browse] 10 Mar 2016
Net-HTTPS-NB-0.15 Non-blocking HTTPS client [Download] [Browse] 25 Aug 2016
Net-DNS-Native-0.15 non-blocking system DNS resolver [Download] [Browse] 17 Dec 2014
Mojolicious-Plugin-TagHelpers-NoCaching-0.05 Force images, styles, js reloading by the browser if they were modified on filesystem [Download] [Browse] 18 Jan 2015
Mojo-SMTP-Client-0.12 non-blocking SMTP client based on Mojo::IOLoop [Download] [Browse] 03 Feb 2017
MIME-Lite-Generator-0.02 generate email created with MIME::Lite chunk by chunk, in memory-efficient way [Download] [Browse] 09 Mar 2015
LWP-UserAgent-Cached-0.06 LWP::UserAgent with simple caching mechanism [Download] [Browse] 09 Sep 2014
JCONF-Writer-0.03 Create JCONF configuration from perl code [Download] [Browse] 29 Jul 2014
IO-Socket-Socks-Wrapper-0.17 Add SOCKS support for any perl object / package / program [Download] [Browse] 16 Feb 2017
IO-Socket-Socks-0.73 Provides a way to create socks client or server both 4 and 5 version. [Download] [Browse] 13 Nov 2016
HTTP-Cookies-PhantomJS-0.02 read and write PhantomJS cookies file [Download] [Browse] 07 Nov 2015
Coro-PatchSet-0.13 fix Coro as much as possible [Download] [Browse] 10 Mar 2016
Bootylicious-1.13 Blog software [Download] [Browse] 10 Aug 2016
App-ProxyHunter-Model-Schema-SQLite-0.01   [Download] [Browse] 25 Jan 2014
App-ProxyHunter-Model-Schema-Pg-0.01 PostgreSQL schema for App::ProxyHunter [Download] [Browse] 25 Jan 2014
App-ProxyHunter-Model-Schema-mysql-0.01 MySQL schema for App::ProxyHunter [Download] [Browse] 25 Jan 2014
AnyEvent-Whois-Raw-0.07 Non-blocking wrapper for Net::Whois::Raw [Download] [Browse] 20 Jan 2015
AnyEvent-HTTP-Socks-0.05 Adds socks support for AnyEvent::HTTP [Download] [Browse] 22 Jan 2015
AnyEvent-Google-PageRank-0.04 Non-blocking wrapper for WWW::Google::PageRank [Download] [Browse] 25 Jan 2012