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App::Netdisco::Manual::Deployment - Tips and Tricks for Deployment

Relocating the Installation ^

The installation process installs Netdisco self-contained to your home directory. The target directory can easily be changed by setting the NETDISCO_HOME environment variable, for example:

 export NETDISCO_HOME=/opt/netdisco

Obviously, you'll need to substitute this wherever you see "~" in the installation instructions. The Netdisco application will use this setting itself to locate files and configuration.

Non-root Hosting ^

Netdisco will assume its web site is hosted at the apex of your server - that is, the document root. To relocate the web application, pass the --path parameter to the web startup script:

 ~/bin/netdisco-web --path /netdisco2

Behind a Proxy ^

By default the web application daemon starts listening on port 5000 and goes into the background. This is ideal for hosting behind a web proxy (e.g. Apache with mod_proxy).

After enabling the proxy and proxy_http modules in Apache, a suitable configuration would be:

 ProxyPass / http://localhost:5000/
 ProxyPassReverse / http://localhost:5000/
 <Proxy *>
   Order allow,deny
   Allow from all

To combine this with Non-root Hosting as above, simply change the paths referenced in the configuration like so (and use --path option):

 ProxyPass /netdisco2 http://localhost:5000/
 ProxyPassReverse /netdisco2 http://localhost:5000/

SQL and HTTP Trace ^

For SQL debugging try the following commands:

 DBIC_TRACE_PROFILE=console DBIC_TRACE=1 ~/bin/localenv starman --workers=1 ~/bin/netdisco-web-fg
 DBIC_TRACE_PROFILE=console DBIC_TRACE=1 ~/bin/localenv ~/bin/netdisco-daemon-fg

Further Reading... ^

Other ways to run and host the web application can be found in the Dancer::Deployment page. See also the plackup and starman documentation.

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