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Source   Latest Release: App-Netdisco-2.033006




A set of helper subroutines to support parts of the Netdisco application.

There are no default exports, however the :all tag will export all subroutines.


get_device( $ip )

Given an IP address, returns a DBIx::Class::Row object for the Device in the Netdisco database. The IP can be for any interface on the device.

If for any reason $ip is already a DBIx::Class Device object, then it is simply returned.

If the device or interface IP is not known to Netdisco a new Device object is created for the IP, and returned. This object is in-memory only and not yet stored to the database.

is_discoverable( $ip )

Given an IP address, returns true if Netdisco on this host is permitted by the local configuration to discover the device.

The configuration items discover_no and discover_only are checked against the given IP.

Returns false if the host is not permitted to discover the target device.

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