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App::Netdisco::Manual::ReleaseNotes - Release Notes

Introduction ^

This document will list only the most significant changes with each release of Netdisco. You are STRONGLY recommended to read this document each time you install and upgrade.

2.013000 ^

General Changes

You can now configure LDAP authentication for users.

2.012000 ^

Security Notices

The read-write SNMP community is now stored in the database, when used for the first time on a device.

2.011000 ^

General Changes

Users can be managed through the web interface (by admins only).

2.010000 ^

General Changes

You can now simplify database configuration to just the following, instead of the more verbose plugins/DBIC setting which was there before:

   name: 'netdisco'
   host: 'localhost'
   user: 'someuser'
   pass: 'somepass'

Also, the REMOTE_USER environment variable and X-REMOTE_USER HTTP Header are now supported for delegating authentication to another web server. See the Deployment and Configuration documentation for further details.

2.008000 ^

Heath Advice

This release contains the first version of our new poller, which handles device and node discovery. Please make sure to backup any existing Netdisco database before trying it out.

General Changes

You can remove any settings from ~/environments/deployment.yml which you didn't edit or add to the file yourself. All defaults are now properly embedded within the application. See the new deployment.yml sample which ships with this distribution for an example.

2.006000 ^

Incompatible Changes

The default environment configuration file develpment.yml has been renamed to deployment.yml. This better reflects that users are not developers, and also fits with the default for PSGI compatible cloud deployment services.

Please rename or copy your environment file:

 mv ~/environments/development.yml ~/environments/deployment.yml

General Changes

The installation is now relocateable outside of a user's home directory by setting the NETDISCO_HOME environment variable. This defaults to your own home directory.

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