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Source   Latest Release: W3C-LogValidator-1.5
lib/W3C/LogValidator.pm  [pod] Main module for the LogValidator
lib/W3C/LogValidator/Config.pm  [pod] Config parser module
lib/W3C/LogValidator/HTMLValidator.pm  [pod] Validates the logs against the W3C Markup (HTML) validator service
lib/W3C/LogValidator/CSSValidator.pm  [pod] [new] Validates the logs against the W3C CSS validator service
lib/W3C/LogValidator/Basic.pm  [pod] Returns document sorted according to their popularity (hits)
lib/W3C/LogValidator/SurveyEngine.pm  [pod] [experimental] generic Web quality survey module
lib/W3C/LogValidator/Output/HTML.pm  [pod] HTML output module
lib/W3C/LogValidator/Output/Raw.pm  [pod] Command-line mode output module
lib/W3C/LogValidator/Output/Mail.pm  [pod] E-mail output module
samples/NewModule.pm  [pod] Template for a new LogValidator validation module
samples/NewOutputModule.pm  [pod] Template for a new LogValidator output module
samples/logprocess.conf Sample config file
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t/base.t test basic (core) modules
t/module-htmlval.t test HTMLValidator Module
META.yml Module meta-data (added by MakeMaker)