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Olivier Thereaux > W3C-LogValidator-1.2


This Release W3C-LogValidator-1.2  [Download] [Browse 09 Sep 2007
Latest Release W3C-LogValidator-1.5  [Download] [Browse 24 Aug 2017
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Special Files


W3C::LogValidator The W3C Log Validator - Quality-focused Web Server log processing engine     1.022
W3C::LogValidator::Basic [W3C Log Validator] Sort Web server log entries by popularity (hits)     1.016
W3C::LogValidator::CSSValidator [W3C Log Validator] Batch validation of CSS style sheets (using the W3C CSS validator)     1.019
W3C::LogValidator::Config [W3C Log Validator] Configuration parser     1.012
W3C::LogValidator::HTMLValidator [W3C Log Validator] Batch HTML validation (using the W3C Markup Validator)     1.027
W3C::LogValidator::LinkChecker [W3C Log Validator] finds the most popular documents with broken links in a Web server log.     1.007
W3C::LogValidator::LinkReferer     1.002
W3C::LogValidator::Output::HTML [W3C Log Validator] HTML Output module     1.013
W3C::LogValidator::Output::Mail [W3C Log Validator] e-mail output module     1.013
W3C::LogValidator::Output::Raw [W3C Log Validator] STDOUT (console) output module     1.010
W3C::LogValidator::SurveyEngine [W3C Log Validator] Generic Web site validity/quality survey engine     1.013


W3C::LogValidator::NewModule New processing module Template for the Log Validator  
W3C::LogValidator::Output::NewOutputModule Sample new output module for the Log Validator