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License The Perl 5 License (Artistic 1 & GPL 1)
Special Files


Search::Xapian Perl XS frontend to the Xapian C++ search library.
Search::Xapian::AssertionError AssertionError is thrown if a logical assertion inside Xapian fails.      
Search::Xapian::BM25Weight BM25 Weighting scheme.      
Search::Xapian::BoolWeight Boolean Weighting scheme.      
Search::Xapian::Database Search database object      
Search::Xapian::DatabaseCorruptError DatabaseCorruptError indicates database corruption was detected.      
Search::Xapian::DatabaseCreateError DatabaseCreateError indicates a failure to create a database.      
Search::Xapian::DatabaseError DatabaseError indicates some sort of database related error.      
Search::Xapian::DatabaseLockError DatabaseLockError indicates failure to lock a database.      
Search::Xapian::DatabaseModifiedError DatabaseModifiedError indicates a database was modified.      
Search::Xapian::DatabaseOpeningError DatabaseOpeningError indicates failure to open a database.      
Search::Xapian::DatabaseVersionError DatabaseVersionError indicates that a database is in an unsupported format.      
Search::Xapian::DocNotFoundError Indicates an attempt to access a document not present in the database.      
Search::Xapian::Document Document object      
Search::Xapian::Enquire Make queries against a database      
Search::Xapian::Error Base class for all exceptions in Search::Xapian      
Search::Xapian::FeatureUnavailableError Indicates an attempt to use a feature which is unavailable.      
Search::Xapian::InternalError InternalError indicates a runtime problem of some sort.      
Search::Xapian::InvalidArgumentError InvalidArgumentError indicates an invalid parameter value was passed to the API.      
Search::Xapian::InvalidOperationError InvalidOperationError indicates the API was used in an invalid way.      
Search::Xapian::LogicError The base class for exceptions indicating errors in the program logic.      
Search::Xapian::MatchSpy abstract base class for match spies.      
Search::Xapian::MultiValueSorter allows sorting by a several values.      
Search::Xapian::NetworkError Indicates a problem communicating with a remote database.      
Search::Xapian::NetworkTimeoutError Indicates a timeout expired while communicating with a remote database.      
Search::Xapian::PositionIterator Iterate over sets of positions.      
Search::Xapian::PostingIterator Iterate over the list of documents indexed by a term.      
Search::Xapian::QueryParser Parse a query string into a Search::Xapian::Query object      
Search::Xapian::QueryParserError Indicates a query string can't be parsed.      
Search::Xapian::RangeError RangeError indicates an attempt to access outside the bounds of a container.      
Search::Xapian::RuntimeError The base class for exceptions indicating errors only detectable at runtime.      
Search::Xapian::SerialisationError Indicates an error in the std::string serialisation of an object.      
Search::Xapian::Stem Snowball stemmer      
Search::Xapian::TermGenerator Parses a piece of text and generates terms.      
Search::Xapian::TermIterator Iterate over sets of terms.      
Search::Xapian::TradWeight Traditional Probabilistic Weighting scheme.      
Search::Xapian::UnimplementedError UnimplementedError indicates an attempt to use an unimplemented feature.      
Search::Xapian::ValueCountMatchSpy Class for counting the frequencies of values in the matching documents.      
Search::Xapian::ValueIterator Iterate over value slots in a document.      
Search::Xapian::Weight base class for Weighting schemes.      
Search::Xapian::WritableDatabase writable database object