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For reducing the amount of typing needed to access frequently-needed server locations. e.g. if you often need to get to the /var/log directory of the server at you should be able to reach it as simply as

    g2 ex log

instead of having to go the normal route of

    cd /var/log

Requires config file in either/both of:

    /etc/g2rc   ~/.g2rc

In the format:

    localhost   =
    first       = firstserver
    second      = secondserver
    szzzzz      = szzzzzserver
    log = 'cd /var/log/{{mod}} && bash'
    top = 'top'
    top = 'htop'


    g2 l            => ssh
    g2 l log        => ssh -t 'cd /var/log/ && bash'
    g2 l log/syslog => ssh -t 'cd /var/log/syslog && bash'
    g2 l top        => ssh -t 'top'
    g2 f top        => ssh firstserver -t 'htop'
    g2 s            => ssh secondserver
    g2 sz           => ssh szzzzzserver


The hostname passed in at the command line can be the shortest possible string needed to correctly identify the correct server; commands are optional but must be supplied in full.

When a supplied hostname is ambiguous, such as 's' in the above examples, g2 will always use the first version according to Perl's sorting logic.

When anything is specified in both the /etc and the user's own config file, the user's version will always be used.

An optional modifier can be supplied to any command by putting a placeholder, '{{mod}}', into the config file's command string; then adding the modifier to the command string on execution, separated by a '/' - see the 'syslog' example above. The strings {{nick}} and {{host}} also exist, to populate the command with your own nickname for the server and its actual hostname.

Server-specific commands may be specified, which can either be unique, or with the same name as a generic command, which it will over-ride.

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