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Distribution Released
App-Waf-0.08 A sample Web Application Firewall, analysis the web logs for illegal attempt in real time。 summary the source IP and other tpyes infomations ,using this infomations for ban whith iptables. [Download] [Browse] 01 Feb 2018
IP-IPwhere-0.06 IP address search whith baidu,taobao,sina,pconlie public IP API! [Download] [Browse] 12 Jun 2018
MD5Check-0.11 Use it for init Web files's md5 values of your site(or other dir), and check if it changed! [Download] [Browse] 15 Dec 2016
Mojo-Ecrawler-0.04 A Eeay crawler for html page! [Download] [Browse] 05 Sep 2017
Mojo-Zabbix-0.11 A simple perl wrapper of Zabbix API. [Download] [Browse] 23 May 2017
Mojo-Zabbix-APP-0.05 The application module of Mojo-Zabbix .Using to get data from zabbix data include host,items, Triggers and warns and so on. [Download] [Browse] 27 Mar 2017
OpenSSH-Fingerprint-0.02 The great new OpenSSH::Fingerprint! [Download] [Browse] 04 Sep 2017
pullword-0.02 The perl agent for Pullword(a online Chinese segmentation System) api! [Download] [Browse] 21 Dec 2016
ZHOUYI-0.13 The ZHOUYI is module interpreter and outer the Chinese ancient philosophy of The Book of Change(易经); [Download] [Browse] 19 Sep 2017