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This Release OpenGL-QEng-0.27  [Download] [Browse 12 Nov 2008
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License The Perl 5 License (Artistic 1 & GPL 1)
Special Files


Games::Quest3D Quest is a 1st person perspective view dungeon crawl.     
OpenGL::QEng the 3D rendering engine for Games::Quest3D.     
OpenGL::QEng::ArchWall a convienience function for creating a wall with an opening     
OpenGL::QEng::Bank a place to keep and account for valuables     
OpenGL::QEng::BarDoor Iron grate style door     
OpenGL::QEng::Beam a simple wooden beam     
OpenGL::QEng::Box a basic bulding block for anything with a few flat sides     
OpenGL::QEng::Character (possibly animated) N.P.C.     
OpenGL::QEng::Chest a container for SimpleThings     
OpenGL::QEng::Control 2D GL GUI frame: collection of control buttons     
OpenGL::QEng::Detector a Thing to attach a near event (team_at) handler to; sort of     
OpenGL::QEng::Door conveniece function to add an Opening with a Door of some type;     
OpenGL::QEng::Event publish/subscribe style event mechanism     
OpenGL::QEng::GUIButton 2D/3D button with text     
OpenGL::QEng::GUICanvas Provide a GUI Canvas in OpenGL     
OpenGL::QEng::GUICanvasCircle Draw a circle on a GUICanvas     
OpenGL::QEng::GUICanvasImage Render an image on a GUICanvas     
OpenGL::QEng::GUICanvasLine Draw a line on a GUICanvas     
OpenGL::QEng::GUICanvasPoly draw a polygon (polyline?) on a GUICanvas     
OpenGL::QEng::GUICanvasThing Base class for things that can be drawn on a GUICanvas     
OpenGL::QEng::GUIFrame Frame is the parent for the GUI objects     
OpenGL::QEng::GUILabel label widget     
OpenGL::QEng::GUIText Creates a window where the program can write scrolled text     
OpenGL::QEng::GUIThing Base class for the OpenGL GUI widgets.     
OpenGL::QEng::GUIVoice voice like user interface message interface for game     
OpenGL::QEng::GameState Container class holding all maps, chars & items Saving     
OpenGL::QEng::Hinged Combination class that has two parts joined at a "hinge" line     
OpenGL::QEng::Inventory 2D GL GUI frame: collection of buttons and inventory item     
OpenGL::QEng::Key SimpleThing to unlock things with     
OpenGL::QEng::Level horizontal plane like a floor or ceiling     
OpenGL::QEng::Map Collection of items that make up a game location     
OpenGL::QEng::MapHash storage for the Maps in a game, keyed by filename     
OpenGL::QEng::MappingKit SimpleThing that gives the power of 'birdseye_view'     
OpenGL::QEng::OUtil Base class that provides useful capabilities for objects     
OpenGL::QEng::Opening Wall Openings (doorways, windows?) in game     
OpenGL::QEng::Parser parses GameState and Map files     
OpenGL::QEng::Part class for Things that are a part of composite Things: i.e, the     
OpenGL::QEng::Sconce a decorative wall lamp     
OpenGL::QEng::Sign Signs in game - static and variable     
OpenGL::QEng::SimpleThing Base class for items that may be carried and used by the     
OpenGL::QEng::Stair for map level transitions     
OpenGL::QEng::Switch Switches in game -- Object looks and acts like a switch     
OpenGL::QEng::Sword sharp, pointy subclass of SimpleThing     
OpenGL::QEng::Team Team location and look direction and Inventory.     
OpenGL::QEng::TextureList Collection of texture information, collects texture     
OpenGL::QEng::Thing Base class for everything in the 3D part of the game     
OpenGL::QEng::Torch a decorative wall lamp     
OpenGL::QEng::Treasure items of all kinds, a kind of SimpleThing with value     
OpenGL::QEng::VecText Data for creating text strings from vectors - used in     
OpenGL::QEng::Voice Base class for voice-like user interface     
OpenGL::QEng::Volume a 3D volume of space in/on a Map     
OpenGL::QEng::Wall do I explain this one?     
OpenGL::QEng::WallDoor a Door that seems to be part of the wall--hard to see     
OpenGL::QEng::WoodDoor a Door that is made of boards with an iron handle     
OpenGL::QEng::glShapeP2p draw cylinders or Blocks from point 1 to point 2     


Chex Combination of stuff to make a cubicle/hexacle office 
GUI??? Library for implementing GUIs with OpenGL 
GUIButton 2D/3D button with texture images for each state 
Inventory 2D GL GUIThing: drawing canvas 

Other Files