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Aaron Brown > perfSONAR_PS-Services-PingER-0.09 > perfSONAR_PS::Datatypes::Element



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 perfSONAR_PS::Datatypes::Element -  static class for element manipulations


      see each call description for details

getElement ()

    create   element from some data struct and return it as DOM
     accepts 1 parameter - hashref to named parameters
     where  'name' =>  name of the element
     'ns' => [ namespace id1, namespace id2 ...] array ref
     'parent' => parent DOM if provided ( element will be created in context of the parent),
     'attributes' =>  arrayhref to the array of attributes pairs 
    (where to get i-th attribute one has to  $attr->[i]->[0] for  name  and  $attr->[i]->[1]  for value) 
     and last one is 'text' => <CDATA>
    creates  new   element, returns this element


   Maxim Grigoriev (FNAL)  2007,
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