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This Release App-lcpan-1.022  [Download] [Browse 08 Feb 2018
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License The Perl 5 License (Artistic 1 & GPL 1)
Special Files


App::lcpan Manage your local CPAN mirror     1.022
App::lcpan::Cmd::author_deps List dependencies for all of the dists of an author     1.022
App::lcpan::Cmd::author_deps_by_dependent_count List all dependencies of dists of an author, sorted by number of dependent dists     1.022
App::lcpan::Cmd::author_dists List distributions of an author     1.022
App::lcpan::Cmd::author_mods List modules of an author     1.022
App::lcpan::Cmd::author_rdeps Find distributions that use one of author's modules     1.022
App::lcpan::Cmd::author_rels List releases of an author     1.022
App::lcpan::Cmd::author_scripts List scripts of an author     1.022
App::lcpan::Cmd::authors List authors     1.022
App::lcpan::Cmd::authors_by_dist_count List authors ranked by number of dists     1.022
App::lcpan::Cmd::authors_by_filesize List authors ranked by total size of their indexed releases     1.022
App::lcpan::Cmd::authors_by_mod_count List authors ranked by number of modules     1.022
App::lcpan::Cmd::authors_by_mod_mention_count List authors ranked by number of module mentions     1.022
App::lcpan::Cmd::authors_by_rdep_count List authors ranked by number of distributions using one of his/her modules     1.022
App::lcpan::Cmd::authors_by_rel_count List authors ranked by number of releases     1.022
App::lcpan::Cmd::authors_by_script_count List authors ranked by number of scripts     1.022
App::lcpan::Cmd::changes Show Changes of distribution/module     1.022
App::lcpan::Cmd::contents List contents inside releases     1.022
App::lcpan::Cmd::copy_mod Copy a module's latest release file to current directory     1.022
App::lcpan::Cmd::copy_rel Copy a release file to current directory     1.022
App::lcpan::Cmd::copy_script Copy a script's latest release file to current directory     1.022
App::lcpan::Cmd::delete_rel Delete a release record in the database     1.022
App::lcpan::Cmd::deps List dependencies     1.022
App::lcpan::Cmd::deps_by_dependent_count List dependencies, sorted by number of dependents     1.022
App::lcpan::Cmd::dist2author Get author of distribution(s)     1.022
App::lcpan::Cmd::dist2rel Get (latest) release name of a distribution     1.022
App::lcpan::Cmd::dist_contents List contents inside a distribution     1.022
App::lcpan::Cmd::dist_meta Get distribution metadata     1.022
App::lcpan::Cmd::dist_mods List modules in a distribution     1.022
App::lcpan::Cmd::dist_scripts List scripts in a distribution     1.022
App::lcpan::Cmd::dists List distributions     1.022
App::lcpan::Cmd::dists_by_dep_count List "heavy" distributions (ranked by number of dependencies)     1.022
App::lcpan::Cmd::doc Show POD documentation of module/.pod/script     1.022
App::lcpan::Cmd::extract_mod Extract a module's latest release file to current directory     1.022
App::lcpan::Cmd::extract_rel Extract a release to current directory     1.022
App::lcpan::Cmd::extract_script Extract a script's latest release file to current directory     1.022
App::lcpan::Cmd::inject Inject one or more tarballs to the mirror     1.022
App::lcpan::Cmd::mentions List mentions     1.022
App::lcpan::Cmd::mentions_by_mod List POD mentions by module(s)     1.022
App::lcpan::Cmd::mentions_by_script List POD mentions by script(s)     1.022
App::lcpan::Cmd::mentions_for_all_mods List PODs which mention all specified module(s)     1.022
App::lcpan::Cmd::mentions_for_mod List POD mentions for module(s)     1.022
App::lcpan::Cmd::mentions_for_script List POD mentions for script(s)     1.022
App::lcpan::Cmd::mod2author Get author of module(s)     1.022
App::lcpan::Cmd::mod2dist Get distribution name of module(s)     1.022
App::lcpan::Cmd::mod2rel Get (latest) release name of a module     1.022
App::lcpan::Cmd::mod_contents List contents inside a module's distribution     1.022
App::lcpan::Cmd::mods Alias for 'modules'     1.022
App::lcpan::Cmd::mods_by_mention_count List modules ranked by number of mentions     1.022
App::lcpan::Cmd::mods_by_rdep_count List modules ranked by number of reverse dependencies     1.022
App::lcpan::Cmd::mods_from_same_dist Given a module, list all modules in the same distribution     1.022
App::lcpan::Cmd::modules List modules/packages     1.022
App::lcpan::Cmd::namespaces List namespaces     1.022
App::lcpan::Cmd::rdeps List reverse dependencies     1.022
App::lcpan::Cmd::related_mods List other modules related to module(s)     1.022
App::lcpan::Cmd::releases List releases/tarballs     1.022
App::lcpan::Cmd::rels Alias for 'releases'     1.022
App::lcpan::Cmd::reset Reset (empty) the database index     1.022
App::lcpan::Cmd::script2author Get author name of script(s)     1.022
App::lcpan::Cmd::script2dist Get distribution(s) of script(s)     1.022
App::lcpan::Cmd::script2mod Get module(s) of script(s)     1.022
App::lcpan::Cmd::script2rel Get release(s) of script(s)     1.022
App::lcpan::Cmd::scripts List scripts     1.022
App::lcpan::Cmd::scripts_by_mention_count List scripts ranked by number of mentions     1.022
App::lcpan::Cmd::scripts_from_same_dist Given a script, list all scripts in the same distribution     1.022
App::lcpan::Cmd::src Show source of module/.pod/script     1.022
App::lcpan::Cmd::stats Statistics of your local CPAN mirror     1.022
App::lcpan::Cmd::stats_last_index_time Return last index time of mirror     1.022
App::lcpan::Cmd::subnames_by_count List subroutine names ranked by number of occurrences     1.022
App::lcpan::Cmd::subs List subroutines     1.022
App::lcpan::Cmd::update Create/update local CPAN mirror     1.022
App::lcpan::PodParser Pod parser for use in App::lcpan     1.022
LWP::UserAgent::Patch::FilterLcpan Filter mirror()     1.022


App::lcpan::Manual::Cookbook lcpan recipes/tips  
lcpan Manage your local CPAN mirror  
lcpanm cpanm wrapper (set mirror to local CPAN by default)  
lcpanm-script cpanm wrapper (set mirror to local CPAN by default, convert script names to module names)