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This Release Bencher-Backend-1.040  [Download] [Browse 13 Jul 2017
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License The Perl 5 License (Artistic 1 & GPL 1)
Special Files


Bencher::Backend Backend for Bencher     1.040
Bencher::Formatter Base class for formatter     1.040
Bencher::Formatter::AddVsSlowestField Add vs_slowest field     1.040
Bencher::Formatter::CodeStartup Munge code_startup results     1.040
Bencher::Formatter::DeleteConstantFields Delete constant item permutation fields to reduce clutter     1.040
Bencher::Formatter::DeleteNotesFieldIfEmpty Delete notes field if there are no notes     1.040
Bencher::Formatter::DeleteSeqField Delete seq field     1.040
Bencher::Formatter::ModuleStartup Munge module_startup results     1.040
Bencher::Formatter::RenderAsTextTable Scale time to make it convenient     1.040
Bencher::Formatter::RoundNumbers Round numbers (rate, time) to certain significant digits according to errors     1.040
Bencher::Formatter::ScaleRate Scale rate to make it convenient     1.040
Bencher::Formatter::ScaleSize Scale size fields to make it convenient     1.040
Bencher::Formatter::ScaleTime Scale time to make it convenient     1.040
Bencher::Formatter::ShowEnv Replace 'env_hash' field (numeric) with 'env' (string)     1.040
Bencher::Formatter::Sort Sort rows     1.040
Bencher::Role::FieldMunger Field munger role     1.040
Bencher::Role::ResultMunger Result munger role     1.040
Bencher::Role::ResultRenderer Results renderer role     1.040
Bencher::Scenario::Example An example scenario     1.040
Bencher::Scenario::Example::CmdLineTemplate Demonstrate cmdline_template     1.040
Bencher::Scenario::Example::CommandNotFound An example scenario: command not found     1.040
Bencher::Scenario::Example::MultipleArgValues::Array An example scenario: demo of multiple argument values (array)     1.040
Bencher::Scenario::Example::MultipleArgValues::Hash An example scenario: demo of multiple argument values (hash)     1.040
Benchmark::Dumb::SimpleTime Benchmark::Dumb interface for simple time() based benchmarking     1.040
Sah::Schema::bencher::scenario Bencher scenario     1.040