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Andy Lester > WWW-Mechanize-1.62 > mech-dump


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Source   Latest Release: WWW-Mechanize-1.88


mech-dump - Dumps information about a web page


mech-dump [options] [file|url]


    --headers       Dump HTTP response headers
    --forms         Dump table of forms (default action)
    --links         Dump table of links
    --images        Dump table of images
    --all           Dump all four of the above, in that order

    --user=user     Set the username
    --password=pass Set the password

    --agent=agent   Specify the UserAgent to pass
                    Specify the alias for the UserAgent to pass.
                    Pick one of:
                        * Windows IE 6
                        * Windows Mozilla
                        * Mac Safari
                        * Mac Mozilla
                        * Linux Mozilla
                        * Linux Konqueror

    --absolute      Show URLs as absolute, even if relative in the page
    --help          Show this message

The order of the options specified is relevant. Repeated options get repeated dumps.

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