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Source   Latest Release: ack-2.17_02

App::Ack::Resource::Basic ^


new( $filename )

Opens the file specified by $filename and returns a filehandle and a flag that says whether it could be binary.

If there's a failure, it throws a warning and returns an empty list.


Returns the name of the resource.

$res->needs_line_scan( \%opts )

API: Tells if the resource needs a line-by-line scan. This is a big optimization because if you can tell from the outset that the pattern is not found in the resource at all, then there's no need to do the line-by-line iteration. If in doubt, return true.

Base: Slurp up an entire file up to 100K, see if there are any matches in it, and if so, let us know so we can iterate over it directly. If it's bigger than 100K or the match is inverted, we have to do the line-by-line, too.


Resets the resource back to the beginning. This is only called if needs_line_scan() is true, but not always if needs_line_scan() is true.


API: Close the resource.


API: Clone this resource.

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