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Module Version: 0.11   Source   Latest Release: Net-Async-Tangence-0.13


Net::Async::Tangence::Client - connect to a Tangence server using IO::Async


This subclass of Net::Async::Tangence::Protocol connects to a Tangence server, allowing the client program to access exposed objects in the server. It is a concrete implementation of the Tangence::Client mixin.

The following documentation concerns this specific implementation of the client; for more general information on the Tangence-specific parts of this class, see instead the documentation for Tangence::Client.


The following named parameters may be passed to new or configure:

identity => STRING

The identity string to send to the server.

on_error => STRING or CODE

Default error-handling policy for method calls. If set to either of the strings carp or croak then a CODE ref will be created that invokes the given function from Carp; otherwise must be a CODE ref.


$client->connect_url( $url, %args )

Connects to a Tangence server at the given URL.

Takes the following named arguments:

on_connected => CODE

Invoked once the connection to the server has been established.

 $on_connected->( $client )
on_registry => CODE
on_root => CODE

Invoked once the registry and root object proxies have been obtained from the server. See the documentation the Tangence::Client tangence_connected method.

The following URL schemes are recognised:


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