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This Release Tickit-0.46  [Download] [Browse 02 May 2014
Latest Release Tickit-0.48  [Download] [Browse 18 Sep 2014
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License The Perl 5 License (Artistic 1 & GPL 1)
Special Files


Tickit Terminal Interface Construction KIT     0.46
Tickit::ContainerWidget abstract base class for widgets that contain other widgets     0.46
Tickit::Debug debug logging support for Tickit      
Tickit::OneLineWidget a widget which occupies only one line     0.46
Tickit::Pen store a collection of rendering attributes     0.46
Tickit::Pen::Immutable     0.46
Tickit::Pen::Mutable     0.46
Tickit::Rect a lightweight data structure representing a rectangle     0.46
Tickit::RectSet store a set of rectangular regions     0.46
Tickit::RenderBuffer efficiently render text and line-drawing     0.46
Tickit::SingleChildWidget abstract base class for widgets that contain a single other widget     0.46
Tickit::StringPos store string position counters     0.46
Tickit::Style declare customisable style information on widgets     0.46
Tickit::Style::Parser     0.46
Tickit::Term terminal formatting abstraction     0.46
Tickit::Test unit testing for Tickit-based code     0.46
Tickit::Test::MockTerm     0.46
Tickit::Utils utility functions for Tickit     0.46
Tickit::Widget abstract base class for on-screen widgets     0.46
Tickit::Widget::Box apply spacing and positioning to a widget     0.46
Tickit::Widget::HBox distribute child widgets in a horizontal row     0.46
Tickit::Widget::LinearBox abstract base class for HBox and VBox     0.46
Tickit::Widget::Static a widget displaying static text     0.46
Tickit::Widget::VBox distribute child widgets in a vertical column     0.46
Tickit::WidgetRole     0.46
Tickit::WidgetRole::Alignable implement widgets with adjustable alignment     0.46
Tickit::WidgetRole::Penable implement widgets with setable pens     0.46
Tickit::Window a window for drawing operations     0.46