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Paul Evans > Tickit-Widgets-0.29


This Release Tickit-Widgets-0.29  [Download] [Browse 13 Mar 2018
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License The Perl 5 License (Artistic 1 & GPL 1)
Special Files


Tickit::ContainerWidget abstract base class for widgets that contain other widgets     0.52
Tickit::OneLineWidget a widget which occupies only one line     0.51
Tickit::SingleChildWidget abstract base class for widgets that contain a single other widget     0.52
Tickit::Style declare customisable style information on widgets     0.51
Tickit::Style::Parser     0.51
Tickit::Widget abstract base class for on-screen widgets     0.53
Tickit::Widget::Border draw a fixed-size border around a widget     0.29
Tickit::Widget::Box apply spacing and positioning to a widget     0.52
Tickit::Widget::Button a widget displaying a clickable button     0.29
Tickit::Widget::CheckButton a widget allowing a toggle true/false option     0.29
Tickit::Widget::Entry a widget for entering text     0.29
Tickit::Widget::Fill fill an area with repeated text     0.29
Tickit::Widget::Frame draw a frame around another widget     0.31
Tickit::Widget::GridBox lay out a set of child widgets in a grid     0.29
Tickit::Widget::HBox distribute child widgets in a horizontal row     0.47
Tickit::Widget::HSplit an adjustable horizontal split between two widgets     0.29
Tickit::Widget::LinearBox abstract base class for HBox and VBox     0.46
Tickit::Widget::LinearSplit     0.29
Tickit::Widget::Placegrid a placeholder grid display     0.29
Tickit::Widget::RadioButton a widget allowing a selection from multiple options     0.29
Tickit::Widget::Spinner a widget displaying a small text animation     0.29
Tickit::Widget::Static a widget displaying static text     0.51
Tickit::Widget::VBox distribute child widgets in a vertical column     0.47
Tickit::Widget::VSplit an adjustable vertical split between two widgets     0.29
Tickit::WidgetRole     0.51
Tickit::WidgetRole::Alignable implement widgets with adjustable alignment     0.51
Tickit::Widgets load several Tickit::Widget classes at once     0.29