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makepp_release_notes -- Major changes in each version of makepp


Version 2.1 (under development)

Version 2.0 (March 2012)

The items are roughly ordered by increasing age, so you need to read only the first parts if you've been using snapshots newer than 1.40.

Version 1.40 (December 2004)

Thanks to Anders Johnson and Daniel Pfeiffer for major contributions of code to this release.

Version 1.19 (July 2003)

Special thanks to Matthew Lovell and Chris van Engelen for lots of suggestions and tracking down problems in the code.

Version 1.18 (January 2002)

The most important change was support for the Cygwin build environment. You can now run makepp with the Cygwin version of Perl; I do not think it will work properly with the native Windows version of Perl yet.

A few other bug fixes went into this release.

Version 1.10 (February 2001)

The most important change in this version is that makepp can accept a vastly larger number of makefiles without any command line options because of some changes to the implementation of recursive make. There are a few minor improvements in the GNU make compatibility, and a slight improvement in memory usage.

There are several user visible changes:

Because of these changes, makepp will recompile everything the first time you run it.

Version 1.05

In addition to bug-fixes, this version has one user-visible change. The --norc-substitution command line option was introduced to allow compatible handling of whitespace in makefiles.

Version 0.99 (January 2001)

In addition to numerous bug fixes, this version has several user-visible changes:

Version 0.95

This version has several user-visible changes:

Version 0.90

In order to support features like parallel make, most of the internals had to be reorganized or rewritten. The result is much cleaner and hopefully more reliable.

Bugs too numerous to mention have been fixed. In order to help ensure reliability, a test suite has been developed. It doesn't test absolutely everything yet, but it does test most things, and I hope to make it more extensive in the future. You can run it by typing makepp test in the makepp distribution directory. If an unmodified makepp fails the test suite, please let me know so I can fix it.

There are many new features:

There are also (unfortunately) a few incompatibilities with previous versions:

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