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Apache::Session::Generate::AutoIncrement - Use monotonically increasing IDs


 use Apache::Session::Generate::AutoIncrement;
 $id = Apache::Session::Generate::AutoIncrement::generate();


This module fulfills the ID generation interface of Apache::Session. The IDs are generated using a monotonically increasing counter value. This counter is file-based using the File::Counter module, so it is probably not very efficient and fast.

This module can also examine session IDs to ensure that they are, indeed, session ID numbers and not evil attacks. The reader is encouraged to consider the effect of bogus session ID numbers in a system which uses these ID numbers to access disks and databases.

This modules takes two arguments in the usual Apache::Session style. The first argument is IDLength, and the value, between 0 and 32, tells this modulevwhere to truncate the session ID. Without this argument, the session ID will be 10 digits. The second argument is CounterFile, which is the file in which the counted value will reside. This parameter is given directly to the File::Counter module.


This module relies on File::CounterFile, so the same limitations as that module do apply here (about locking the file).


This module was written by Pascal Fleury <> but heavily based on Jeffrey William Baker's module.


Copyright(c) 2001-2002 by Pascal Fleury ( Distribute under the same terms as Perl itself.


Apache::Session, File::CounterFile

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