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Robert 'phaylon' Sedlacek > System-Introspector-0.001_001


This Release System-Introspector-0.001_001  [Download] [Browse 30 Aug 2012 ** DEVELOPER RELEASE **
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License The Perl 5 License (Artistic 1 & GPL 1)
Special Files


System::Introspector framework for remote system introspection     0.001_001
System::Introspector::Config Configuration file access      
System::Introspector::Gatherer Remote Gather Handler      
System::Introspector::Gatherer::Bridge Bridged Connections      
System::Introspector::Probe::DiskUsage Gather disk space usage data      
System::Introspector::Probe::FileHandles Gather opened filehandles      
System::Introspector::Probe::Groups Gather group information      
System::Introspector::Probe::Host Gather generic host information      
System::Introspector::Probe::Hosts Gather known hosts      
System::Introspector::Probe::LibDirs::Perl Gather perl lib directory data      
System::Introspector::Probe::MountPoints Gather moint point information      
System::Introspector::Probe::Nagios::CheckMkAgent Gather check_mk_agent output      
System::Introspector::Probe::Packages::Apt Gather APT package status      
System::Introspector::Probe::Perls Locate perl installations      
System::Introspector::Probe::Processes Gather running processes      
System::Introspector::Probe::Puppet Gather puppet agent information      
System::Introspector::Probe::Repositories::Git Gather Git repository info      
System::Introspector::Probe::ResolvConf Gather name resolution configuration      
System::Introspector::Probe::Sudoers Gather sudoer information      
System::Introspector::Probe::Users Gather user information      
System::Introspector::State Gather system state      
System::Introspector::Util Utility functions      


system-introspector Generate System Introspection Data