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tentmaker - browser based bigtop file editor


    tentmaker [ --port=8192 ] [ file ]

Or, to name a new app with optional table layout:

    tentmaker --new AppName style_info

Or, to augment an existing bigtop file:

    tentmaker --add file.bigtop style_info

See "STYLES" below for what style_info can be.


This script is a simple web server. Tell it what file you want to edit (or start from scratch) and an optional port (defaults to 8080). Point your browser to that port and edit away.


--port (or -p)

Specifies a port for the server. Defaults to 8080.

--new (or -n)

Allows you to specify the name of the app and optionally its table relationships. Requires a name for the app. The rest of the command line arguments are depend on what style you use, see "STYLES".

Normally this flag uses the default bigtop file from Bigtop::ScriptHelp. For your convenience, you can see it in examples/default.bigtop. To override it, copy that file to bigtopdef in the directory where you invoke tentmaker -n, or to .bigtopdef in your home directory. Edit the file to your heart's content.

The result must be a valid bigtop file, with one exception. The file you create will be used as a template toolkit template. But, only three things are available for subsitution:


The name of the app from the command line.


The app name, where all ::'s are replaced with underscores.


Everything after the last :: in the app_name in lower case.

For example see examples/

--add (or -a)

Allows you to augment an existing bigtop file prior to editing it. Requires a bigtop file name. The rest of the command line arguments as the same as for -n, see "STYLES".

--style (or -s)

Defaults to Original. Specifies which Bigtop::ScriptHelp::Style:: module will handle extra command line arguements and standard input. See your Style module's docs for details.


Any command line arguments not consumed by the options above are passed to your style backend. If you don't use -s, the Original style is used. If you do use -s, whatever style you choose is used. All styles live in the Bigtop::ScriptHelp::Style:: namespace. See their individual docs for what they know how to do.

This section used to be called "ASCII ART," the code which supported that got factored out and became the default style Bigtop::ScriptHelp::Style::Original. See it for details on ASCII art.


Phil Crow <>


Copyright (C) 2006 by Phil Crow

This library is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself, either Perl version 5.8.6 or, at your option, any later version of Perl 5 you may have available.

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