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app.server - A generated server for the Kids app


    usage: app.server [options] [port]

port defaults to 8080


This is a Gantry::Server based stand alone server for the Kids app. It was built to use the kids Gantry::Conf instance in the docs directory.

To override the database connection information in your conf file, see "Changing Databases without Changing Conf" below.

To change instances or master conf files, use these flags (they all require values):

--instance (or -i)

(Incompatible with --type)

The full name of your conf instance, defaults to kids.

--type (or -t)

(Incompatible with --instance)

Use this if you use named config blocks in your Bigtop file. Use the name of the config block as the value for --type. This will build the corresponding instance name as kids_TYPE, where TYPE is the value of this flag.

If you don't neither --instance nor --type, the instance you get will be kids.

--file (or -f)

The name of your master Gantry::Conf file, defaults to docs/app.gantry.conf.

Changing Databases without Changing Conf ^

You may use the following flags to control database connections. If you supply these flags, they will take precedence over your Gantry::Conf instance. All of them require values.

--dbd (or -d)

The name of your DBD module (like SQLite, Pg, or mysql). If you use dbname, this defaults to SQLite.

--dbname (or -n)

The name of your database.

--dbuser (or -u)

Your database user name.

--dbpass (or -p)

Your database password.

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