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The uses keyword is deprecated. It was used to specify the modules to use in the base module of the application. You should put a uses statement in the base_controller block to achieve this behavior.

Better yet, you should really use gen_uses and stub_uses so the modules are used only where they are needed.

This statement puts listed modules into both the stub and the gen module, but always remember that the stub is only built once and is never regenerated.


To see an example, build:

    bigtop -c example.bigtop all

Change to the Kids directory and look for Scalar in these files:

    docs/example.bigtop 15
    lib/ 15

Notice that this form of uses does not allow you to control imports from the used modules. The other forms do, which is all the more reason to choose them.

For a better approach, build:

    bigtop -c example.better.bigtop all

(Note that you will need to delete or rename the Kids directory. Otherwise, bigtop will fail while complaining loudly that the build directory already exists.)

Again, look for Scalar in the same files. It shows how to specify import lists.

Finally, for the best approach build:

    bigtop -c all

Look for Scalar in lib/ and for Some in lib/

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