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Location literals dump output into the app's root location in docs/httpd.conf files, which are used for mod_perl deployment. There is an analogous literal at the controller level.

While you can put anything in a Location literal, PerlSetVars are best handled in other ways*. This literal is really for things like

    require valid-user

*Either allow the HttpdConf Gantry backend to create PerlSetVars based on config block parameter/value pairs, or (better) use Gantry::Conf.


To see an example, build:

    bigtop -c example.bigtop all

Look for require valid-user in docs/httpd.conf. Also note the use of the PerlTop literal to add a use statement for Your::Authen::Handler to the Perl block.

See how the example so cleverly controls indentation so readers never have to know the output was generated?

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