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Bigtop and Gantry provide limited support for rpc style SOAP.

There is a small but complete working RPC style SOAP example in the RPCSoap subdirectory of the keyword_cookbook directory. See the README in that directory for how to run the working example.

The namespace_base is used by Gantry in WSDL generation. In particular, it is everything after http: or https: in the prefix for all sorts of names. See in Gantry's root directory for which names it affects.


Build the example with

    bigtop -c example.bigtop all

Change to the new Kids directory and look in lib/Kids/GEN/ for 'soapstuff'.

NOTE: the example in this directory lacks the code needed to make a SOAP server respond to requests. For that see the RPCSoap subdirectory of the keyword_cookbook directory.

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