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Bigtop and Gantry provide limited support for rpc style SOAP.

There is a small but complete working RPC style SOAP example in the RPCSoap subdirectory of the keyword_cookbook directory. It was originally built with the example.bigtop in this directory, but has had code added to make the service work. See the README in that directory for how to run the working example.

The soap_name keyword controls the base of all WSDL names when ask Gantry to generate WSDL files for you. While largely intended as documentation, that name may matter to your clients and should include something specific to your application.

Examples of names that will begin with the soap_name:

    wsdl:definitions name attribute
    portType name attribute
    binding name attributes

See in Gantry's root directory for all the details.

Specify domain information with the namespace_base controller keyword.


Build the example with:

    bigtop -c example.bigtop all

Change to the new Kids directory and look in lib/Kids/GEN/ for 'KidSOAPName'.

NOTE: the example built in this way will not work properly, since bigtop makes a stub of the service, leaving you to fill in code. See the RPCSoap subdirectory of the keyword_cookbook directory for a working example.

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