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The most fundamental field keyword is is. Use it to specify the SQL type of the column. The value can be a single SQL type name or a comma separated list of things to include in the SQL column definition.

You may use any type your database engine understands. But, some values are special because they are convereted to appropriate synonymns for all database engines:

    type        what it becomes
    varchar     a string type
    int4        a moderately large integer
    datetime    a full time and date

In addition to the types which are converted for each database, two other values have special effects:

    primary_key - marks this field as the primary key (or part of it)
    auto        - indicates that the field should be auto-incremented

Most tables have meaningless, sequentially assigned, integer keys. To get one of those say:

    field id { is int4, primary_key, auto; }

Many fields hold strings, to get one say:

    field name { is varchar; }

Note that you may want to add other field statements in the block other than is.

You may augment the type with anything your database understands in a column declaration. Some of those things have their own keywords, for instance, on_delete and on_update allow you to easily specify cascading behavior when employing foreign keys.

You could say something like:

    field state {
        is varchar, `DEFAULT 'KS'`;


To see an example, build:

    bigtop -c example.bigtop all

Change to the newly created Kids directory and look in Kids/docs/schema.sqlite for the result of is statements.

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