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Gantry::Docs::TOC - Table of Contents for Gantry::Docs::* documentation modules

What should I read? ^

This document is a brief annotated list of each Gantry::Docs::* module.

Describes the history, features, and motivation behind Gantry.

Explains how database connection information flows from app configuration to DBI. The process should be seamless for app developers, but if you need to work on the engines or add support for ORMs, you may find useful information here.

A list of questions we think people are likely to ask along with answers. This is not a philosphical document, it is filled with code examples.

If you are new Gantry and want to get your first app running with a minimum of fuss, this is for you.

This document.

More detailed than the Quick Start, this document walks through building a simple application with Gantry.

Explains you should use a framework at all, whether it is Gantry or one of the many others.

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