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tkged - an interactive program to manipulate Gedcom genealogy files

Version 1.20 - 17th September 2017


  tkged gedcom_file.ged


This is a pre-alpha version of tkged. It doesn't work properly, some parts are not implemented, and the parts that are have got bugs. Most of it has been written late at night, with a baby in one arm, and so it is not written very well, there is no documentation, and I am not particularly proud of most of it.

Much of the functionality has now been broken out into member functions, and a lot more should be. In a way, I am using tkged to show me what member functions may be required.

This should probably be mostly re-written. I suspect that when I have a more clear idea of what I want, I will do just that.

If that sounds like it was supposed to put you off, you are right. I didn't even include this program until version 1.01, but under the principle of "release it early, release it often", I decided to include it because:

If you would like to use it, then please do, and I would welcome any feedback.

Good luck...

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